World of Tanks

Get Back in Your Tank

How we got from idea to launch in under 5 weeks.

Australian players of World of Tanks had pleaded with Wargaming for a local server to improve gameplay. The challenge – 5 weeks from idea to launch. 

Major Mayhem was born – a bombastic military character that became the iconic call to arms in a series of videos running throughout the winback Summer period. This, in conjunction with a TV buy and launch events in both Melbourne and Sydney.

After only a week, the operating times of the local server were extended from 6 to 8 hours to account for the surge in player numbers.

In the trenches

Within 2 months, we were ready to execute the next phase of our campaign and reignite passion for the game as it prepared for its biggest update since launching in 2011. 

We proposed and negotiated the Arnold Pro Strongman sponsorship in Melbourne and challenged the international athletes to set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the ‘Fastest time to pull a tank 10m’. 

We organised every aspect of the tank pull event and drove coverage around the record, which was awarded to Australia’s strongest man, Eddie Williams. We developed a separate hands-on event for game reviews and secured 401 pieces of coverage for the campaign. 


daily active user spike


reduced churn