Pre-launch digital experience

How we crafted a visual identity and web presence to excite kids and parents.

The Opportunity

Emagineer’s founders noticed that kids were beginning to age out of LEGO earlier than ever before because of smartphone usage and mobile games. They conceived an app designed to bridge real world and digital play by keeping LEGO cool for kids for longer.

The Strategy

We recognised the use of AI within the app – used to recognise the object being drawn and generate options for LEGO build instructions and brick lists. That created the need for a technical element to the branding while consciously simplifying the visual language and delivering a human touch (as seen in the hand written tagline) to reflect the use case being a blend of online and offline play. We wanted to bring the interactivity of the app experience to life in an exciting way and reveal the awe inspiring potential of the app in the way the proposition was conveyed.

The Solution

We produced five original high fidelity renders to use as reveals when the user clicked on the line illustrations. This transformation captured the user experience perfectly and, paired with the music, delivered a sensory experience that won the project several awards including a Silver Cairns Crocodile in the category of Digital Craft. Check out for the full experience.