Lenovo Legion

Stylish on the Outside. Savage on the Inside.

How to build community as a late entrant into a crowded gaming market.

Since 2017, we have been the team behind Lenovo’s gaming product range, Legion, on social media and at live events, leading content development, social advertising, esports, talent partnerships and community growth. 

Under an ongoing retainer, we deliver an always-on, 7-day-a-week, social media calendar, developing almost 100 original assets per month both in-house and in partnership with Legion talent. You read that right! It’s around 300 original assets per quarter, strategy for 7 social channels, and on top of that we manage over 80 esports events a year.

Supporting Lenovo’s goal of community growth, inclusivity, and engagement, we develop 10–12 bespoke campaigns per quarter, that contain a combination of formats, including video production, blog writing, esports operations, UGC, giveaways, photography, and graphic design. We work closely with Lenovo hardware and game publisher partners to support brand awareness and consumer acquisition and have exceeded our engagement KPI quarter on quarter. 

The longstanding Legion brand ambassador, Steph ‘Hex’ Bendixson is contracted through us, along with a growing stable of influencer talent. We ensure their coordinated efforts around key beats like PAX Australia and integrate activity with the PR agency.

Mini Debates

After the success of Lenovo’s Great Debate Panel at PAX, we decided to get our Legion ambassadors together to recreate the fun on a smaller scale. We enlisted the help of the online community to play adjudicator and battled it out to see what people thought about different gaming-related topics like open world vs linear play, stylish vs savage setups, and whether realism or escapism was more enjoyable.


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